March 13, 2020

There are currently NO cases of COVID 19 at Cayuga Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Gov. Cuomo has set forth a mandate that as of 5PM today no non-medical visitors will be allowed in any nursing facility throughout NYS.

We continue to monitor all of our employees as they arrive for their scheduled shift. This monitoring will continue.

We at cayuga Nursing and Rehabilitation Center understand that this is a very trying time not only for our residents and staff but for our families as well. We are making and will continue to make every effort to maintain contact between you and your loved ones. we are implementing several ways to keep families in touch. As mentioned yesterday we have begun a resident "hotline."  We encourage families to utilize this system when inquiring about a loved ones general medical condition. 

Effective immediately families wishing to send a short video and/or audio clip to their loved one may do so by emailing the clip to The clip will then be delivered to your loved one. 

We now have the ability to skype!!  If you would like to Skype with your loved one please call the facility at (607) 273-8072 and arrange for an appt. We will set an appt and provide yoou with the address to use. One of our staff will assist your loved one with the call at the appt time. We are asking that calls be limited to 20 mins to allow all residents to utilize this system. 

We again want to express our continued appreciation for everyone's patience. We promise you that we will continue to work with you in order to maintain contact with your loved ones and keep you apprised of how our facility is coping with COVID 19. 


There has been much talk in the media regarding the shortage of much needed supplies. we are NOT currently facing any shortages. We are not anticipating that this will be a problem as our vendors have assured us that supply lines remain open. 

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