April 17, 2020

We still have NO cases of COVID 19 in the facility. Please rest assured that we are taking many measures to limit the likelihood of getting COVID 19 in the facility. However, no facility can be 100% safe, therefore, we have also put policies in place as to how we will respond if COVID 19 is found in the facility. 

We continue to closely monitor our employees. We are still not allowing visitors into the building.

WE ARE HIRING!! If you were in the process of receiving your license or have let your license lapse NYSDOH has made provisions that skilled nursing facilities may hire as if those people's licences were valid pending the passing of several competency exams. Even more good news is that we have raised the pay wages of all nursing staff, and working with the union to address increases for other departments.Please visit our employment page or call Austen at 607.273.8072 for more details.

We are currently not facing any shortages of supplies or PPEs. However we are accepting donations of maks.

We are also still accepting correspondences for our residents. Please feel free to send an electronic greeting to kdean@cayuganursingandrehab.org. We also are still accepting letters and cards from area schools that wish to participate in our pizza party contest. These correspondences are held for a period of no less than three days prior to being delivered to residents. they can be sent to: Any Resident 1229 Trumansburg Rd. Ithaca NY 14850. 

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